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Big Girls you are not all alone in this world!

There are other women out there just like you
There is a special spirit that belongs only to Big-Boned Women.
You know this special spirit because you have this spirit.


This is not another diet program
This is not another weight loss plan
This is not another way to lose it fast and lose it forever.

The Spirit of Big-Boned Women is a collage of womens stories. The voices of big-boned (plus sized) women from all different backgrounds have been woven together in a beautiful tapestry to inspire all women. Women come in all shapes, sizes and styles and all of us have a story to tell.

There is no barrier to beauty, but before you can see someone elses beauty, you have to embrace yourself as beautiful.

The Spirit of Big-Boned Women is more than just a book.
The Spirit of Big-Boned Women is a look in the mirror.

Its time to see yourself.
You will see yourself or someone you know in one of the over fifty stories in this book.

Our mission is about much more than promoting Big Boned Women. The Spirit of Big-Boned Women will promote and uplift the beauty of women from the depths of their spirits. This book will empower you and uplift you as a woman.

Who Should Read The Spirit of Big-Boned Women?

Big-Boned (Plus Sized) Women

Anyone who knows and loves Big-Boned Women

Anyone who does not understand Big-Boned Women

Anyone who has ever been afraid to look in the mirror at themselves
The Spirit of Big-Boned Women will change the way you see yourself. When you hear the words of other women telling their stories and say, Thats me, you will know you are not alone. Big-Boned Women deserve to be seen as well as heard!

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