Zellyo and Big Boned Women

By Yolanda Zellous on 9:50 AM

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Zellyo Productions has the capability to position itself as the most experienced promoter of the plus sized woman’s fashion industry in United States. Zellyo Production has successfully taken their vision and launched a viable company that spotlights and uplifts the plus size women industry through print and media. The company has expanded to provide services, products, and resources to compliment our vast and diversified customer base. Initially, the end consumer consisted of plus sized African American women and has expanded into other ethnic groups and nationalities over the past three years. Since the inception of Zellyo Productions in 2005, the company has leveraged their experience of the industry to ensure the company has been productive from the beginning. CEO of Zellyo Productions, Yolanda Zellous, created an effective supply chain from her career as an actor. The owner exploited the underserved plus sized woman’s market to create the profitable company. The company has currently produced projects such as the “Spirited Actors Workshop” and the soon to be released documentary “Big Boned Woman.” Future endeavors include calendars, books, films and plays.

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